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Enjoy the yacht ride in Croatia – czarter Chorwacja

The tourists can find lot of rental agencies in the Croatia for hiring the yacht boats. The prices are reasonable and an experienced crew will guide the tourists to enjoy lot of places. To reach different islands, the travelers need to use the yacht charter because it doesn’t have any other modes of transportation. The Croatia has different islands across the country and it also has a biggest coastal line of Europe. The Paklenica is a famous island of this country and many people love to visit this spot often. It let the visitors to enjoy lot of things and that’s why we reached this spot on our first day of trip. Our tourists guide recommended us to visit the National Park of the Paklenica. It is the best center for hill climbing. It has more than 300 climbing routes but we have used only few of them.

Yacht ride in Croatia

Najciekawsze czartery jachtów w Chorwacji znajdziecie tutaj: Yachtguru – najlepsza wyszukiwarka czarterów na różnych akwenach, w Grecji, Włoszech czy na Balearach. Rozważ taki czarter!

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Yacht rent in Croatia

Many of the people love to enjoy their yacht rent in Croatia by visiting the best spots of this world. Usually they prefer to visit the places, which let them to enjoy swimming sand sunbathing to get relaxation. However, some people are always eager to take adventurous trips, hiking and biking. Unfortunately in only few spots they can perform such actions. This time I and my friends have decided to visit a spot where we can enjoy such things and first of all to charter a yacht. That’s why we chose to visit the Croatia. We all know that the Croatia is the famous tourist spot of Europe. This country is filled with plenty of islands and best spots that we need to see once in our lifetime. It is possible and very easy to rent a yacht in Croatia.

Yacht rent in Croatia

After visiting to the national park, we have decided to ride the mountain biking. The ride was adventurous and thrilled us. The velebit is the perfect spot in this island for taking the mountain biking. The place look bit dangerous but it amused us while riding the bike. Sometimes it is a good change from sailing on a yacht that you charter.

Then we have decided to take the rafting. It is a funny sport and similar to the swimming. The kids under the age of 10 will love this sport and Zrmanja River is the best place for sport. With the help of our yacht boat we have reached this river from the Paklenica within 30 minutes. It was really great experience and I can recommend yacht charter Croatia with crew and such rental of Croatian yacht always causes good mood for me. We always choose this service, as for it is the best yacht charter Croatia. You can always try to rent a boat from many Charter Operators. Models possible: bareboat, with skipper, in flotilla. All possibilites of yacht charter Croatia:

Yacht Charter Croatia

After all these adventitious and thrilling trips some of my friend felt too tired. They wanted to take some rest. So, we planned to visit the Kayaking, which has lot of sea shores. It offered us great scenery and it is easy to reach from different islands.

The Modric Cave is a famous spot of the Paklenica Island. It is a paradise and founded three decades ago for the tourists. It didn’t have any stairs but some of the electric lights helped us to view the walking path. On the outside of the cave we saw the specimens of 150 animals, which have lived on mountain velebit. All the places we have visited in the Croatia were extremely awesome.

Yacht rental in Croatia

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